Flippers Hexa Pinball – Local Made in France production committed to Responsible Manufacturing

Each Hexa Pinball machine is the fruit of a harmonious marriage between tradition and innovation.

Our commitment to Made in France goes hand in hand with our desire to develop and promote local talent.

By promoting local production, we contribute to the development of traditional know-how. For example, we have our cases made by Julien, an artisan carpenter renowned for his meticulousness and professionalism, who chose to join our team and develop specific pinball know-how.

Our talented craftsmen combine age-old techniques with modern innovations

to offer you a unique gaming experience, while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Welcome to Hexa Pinball, your destination for exceptional pinball machines crafted with passion by the finest local artisans and suppliers.

At Hexa Pinball we select top-quality materials

So every detail of our pinball range is carefully crafted. Discover the pleasure of playing while supporting the local economy. Choose our Made in France pinball collection, where every detail reflects our commitment to quality, ethics and sustainability.

Choose responsible entertainment rooted in our local heritage. [lien vers votre gamme de flippers]

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