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Hexa Pinball pays particular attention to customer satisfaction.

Our development and innovation department is constantly working to improve your gaming experience. Our pinball machines can be updated either directly via the menu on your pinball interface if it’s connected to the Internet, or by downloading updates onto a USB key that you simply insert into your pinball machine.


Because we never know where we’ve stored all our documents, Hexa Pinball provides you with pinball machine manuals in several languages. Available in PDF format, simply download it after checking the model of your pinball machine.

Space HuntFrench assembly instructions150 KbDownload
Space HuntFull instructions in FrenchComing soon
Space HuntInstallation instructions in EnglishComing soon
Space HuntComplete instructions in EnglishComing soon


Choose your model and upgrade date to take full advantage of our improvements.

Space Hunt0.81930/05/2024960 MBDownload
Space Hunt0.81821/03/2024938 MBDownload
Space Hunt0.81727/02/2024938 MBDownload
Space Hunt0.81623/02/2024938 MBDownload


Dear customers, thank you for your trust and welcome. By registering your new pinball machine on our website, you give us the opportunity to increase our responsiveness, which is always at the heart of our priorities, and to offer you the best possible service.

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