Pourquoi un flipper en entreprise

Why install a pinball machine in your company?

Are you a company manager keen to offer your employees a pleasant working environment? More than ever, employers need to differentiate themselves and show employees that their well-being is at the heart of their concerns. Major groups have long understood that creating relaxation areas in the workplace is a way of forging links, building team loyalty and reducing tension. Startups have made the concept their own. As for coworking spaces, they happily mix play and work. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of freeing up a space for games, creating a decompression “bubble”. A company that cares about its employees is a company that enjoys a positive image both internally and externally with its customers. A table soccer table, a pool table or a pinball machine in your premises will bring dynamism and well-being to your employees while reinforcing team spirit.

What is at stake in this positive internal communication goes far beyond entertainment. Hexa Pinball offers you 3 main areas for reflection:

  1. Improved productivity: Recreational breaks are essential for recharging batteries and improving concentration. Games such as pinball in a break room allow employees to relax and enjoy themselves. They help reduce stress and increase productivity.
  2. Team Building: Pinball encourages social interaction and camaraderie between team members. Pinball games can become a shared moment of relaxation, strengthening bonds and collaboration within the company.
  3. Company value: By offering a pinball machine to its employees, the company shows that it cares about their well-being and personal development. This can improve the company’s image, making it more attractive to talent and increasing employee satisfaction.

How to optimize your space with a few simple changes?

  1. Many companies have thought of this, and a room equipped with tables and chairs, a fridge, a coffee machine, a kettle and a microwave will do the trick. Not all employees eat out for lunch, so bringing your own lunch has become commonplace. The meal break is also an opportunity for employees to forge links outside the work relationship. You’ll need to make sure that the decor is warm and inviting – forget the desperately empty white walls! You can also get your employees to decorate it together: a little joint activity will be appreciated and leave a lasting impression.
  2. A second place, the rest room, where you can take some quiet time, read, listen to music or take a micro-nap, is also a way of improving working conditions in the company. Relaxing armchairs in which to lie down, indirect lighting, reading lamps, warm colors or a massage area with massaging chairs or a therapist specialized in relaxing back massage to relieve tension will be much appreciated.
  3. The Top, the game room, a place to have fun, meet up around playful subjects, create teams and challenges. In the top 3 friendly games, we list table soccer, billiards and pinball. Creating a play area means offering a wider range of wellbeing in the company, a space for happiness and laughter. But it can also be a place to exchange ideas with your customers!

How do you finance a games room?

LOA (Location avec Option d’Achat, or lease with purchase option) is a financing option that’s perfectly suited to companies. With a choice of monthly repayments and preserved cash flow, this type of financing offers 5 key advantages for businesses

  1. Easy access to quality equipment: Rent-to-Own allows companies to benefit from high-quality machines without having to immediately bear the full cost of purchase. Payments are spread over the term of the contract, making the investment more affordable.
  2. Financial flexibility: By opting for LOA, companies can preserve cash for other strategic investments. Fixed monthly rents make budget planning easier and avoid financial surprises.
  3. End-of-contract purchase option: At the end of the rental period, the company can choose to purchase the table soccer or pinball machine, for example, by paying a residual sum. This makes it possible to integrate the equipment on a long-term basis without having to make a large initial investment.
  4. Easy equipment upgrad es: With Rent to Own, it’s easy to replace each set with a newer model at the end of the contract. This ensures that employees always benefit from the best machines available, boosting their commitment and motivation.
  5. Tax advantages: LOA rental payments are often tax-deductible, which represents a significant financial advantage for the company. What’s more, unlike direct purchasing, there’s no need to depreciate the equipment, simplifying accounting management.

3. How to lease a Hexa Pinball machine in your company?

  1. Needs Assessment: The first step is to determine what type of pinball machine would best suit the needs of your employees and the space available. Hexa Pinball is your first point of contact. Hexa Pinball machines are innovative and hard-wearing, and both amateur and experienced players will enjoy using them.
  2. Choice of pinball machine: opt for a Hexa Pinball machine, the only French manufacturer of pinball machines and an eco-responsible industry.
  3. Financing: Put together a financing package with our partner IZY Lease. Discuss the terms of the contract, set the terms and get ready to receive your pinball machine.
  4. Delivery: Our dedicated carrier will deliver to the address indicated. Would you like to visit our workshop? We open the doors and let you collect your pinball machine directly from us.
  5. Animation: What next? Encourage your employees to use the pinball machine and take advantage of recreational breaks. Organize tournaments or challenges to stimulate participation and build team spirit.

The purchase of a pinball machine under LOA is a strategic initiative for companies wishing to improve the well-being of their employees while optimizing their cash flow. By providing a source of entertainment and relaxation, you create a more pleasant and stimulating working environment, conducive to the development and productivity of your teams. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your business into a great place to work thanks to the magic of a Hexa Pinball machine.

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