Individuals as New Pinball Buyers: A New Trend

The pinball market is undergoing a major transformation: private individuals are now the new buyers of this nostalgic game.

But who are these new pinball machine buyers?

Christophe André, co-founder ofHexa Pinball, offers valuable insights into this fascinating market evolution. To find out more

La Montée des Particuliers

While pinball used to be mainly the preserve of bars and public gaming halls, the trend has changed radically. The majority of buyers are now private individuals. Pinball, once in a period of obsolescence, is enjoying a new lease of life with the general public. It has become much more than a simple bar game; it is now a prized collector’s item and a real passion for many enthusiasts.

Buyers with diverse profiles

From gamers to collectors, this trend is confirmed

New pinball machine buyers come in a wide variety of profiles. On the one hand, there are the “geeks” and video game enthusiasts attracted by the digitalization and modern functionalities of pinball machines. On the other hand, collectors see these machines as a unique collector’s item, combining history, art and mechanics. Find out more

The Digitalization of Pinball

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

When we think of traditional pinball machines, we think of the catchy melodies and flashing lights that made these machines so charming. However, the modern pinball machine has undergone a major metamorphosis. Over the last fifteen years or so, pinball has become resolutely digital. These machines now incorporate a computer and an animated screen, merging the heritage of traditional mechanical or electromechanical pinball machines with the world of contemporary video games.

The evolution of pinball reflects a more general trend in gaming and entertainment. New pinball buyers are seduced by this unique fusion of nostalgia and modernity. They are looking for the authenticity of pinball, while appreciating the features and benefits offered by today’s technology.

In conclusion, the majority of new pinball machine buyers are private individuals with a passion for this emblematic game. They are attracted by the digitalization of pinball, which manages to combine the very essence of the game with the interactive and dynamic elements of today’s video games. This transformation of the pinball market illustrates the game’s ability to stand the test of time, adapting to evolving player preferences while preserving its timeless charm.

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