High-quality pinball machines with modern design and traditional craftsmanship.

Pinball, an emblematic game in the history of entertainment

Indeed, Pinball has undergone a fascinating evolution while preserving the timeless charm of its origins.

A clever blend of the Bagatelle game, which takes its name from the Château de Bagatelle where it was presented to King Louis XVI in the 18ème century and Japanese billiards, itself derived from the latter, which appeared in the 19th century.ème The pinball machine first appeared in its present form in Chicago in the 1930s. Hexa Pinball seeks to merge modern design with exceptional quality, while honoring the traditions that have shaped its heritage, and thus restoring France’s fundamental role in the creation of this game that spans the centuries.

Pinball has progressively evolved from a mechanical, electronic game into a captivating game, where computers have made it possible to update the machines we know today, without ever forgetting the traditional character that made it so successful. Initially considered a simple game of chance, pinball quickly gained in popularity, attracting game enthusiasts and competitive players alike.

Discover our unique pinball machines, combining contemporary design and exceptional quality.

Hexa Pinball proudly perpetuates the tradition of high-end French pinball and is committed to preserving this exceptional heritage.

Over the decades, pinball design has undergone significant evolution. From mechanical machines to the era of electronic circuits, each stage has brought its share of visual and functional innovations. Artists and designers have played a crucial role in integrating modern graphic elements while preserving the retro aesthetic that characterizes pinball.

Technology at the service of premium quality and respect for tradition.

Despite technological advances, pinball remains true to its roots.

From reproductions of classic models to artistic tributes, the industry recognizes the importance of preserving nostalgia while offering resolutely contemporary works. Each new pinball machine embodies the symbiosis of respect for tradition and bold innovation.

At Hexa Pinball, pinball machines are the fruit of the work of a team of enthusiasts who are both forward-looking and steeped in tradition. Artists, technicians, developers and craftsmen with recognized expertise in the quest for innovation give their all to bring you unparalleled pleasure.

Hexa Pinball is also the pinball machine of tomorrow, with a pioneering development and innovation division that has already made a name for itself. In less than 2 years of research, we’ve already registered 1 patent, introduced new features to discover on Space Hunt, and more surprises to come.

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