Exceptional pinball machines, a deep respect for tradition

Made in France: Tradition and Innovation

At Hexa Pinball, our commitment to “Made in France” transcends the simple manufacture of pinball machines.

Indeed, every machine we produce embodies French know-how. Hexa Pinball combines an image of luxury with outstanding technical features. A deep respect for tradition, made in France: French manufacturing. Our pinball machines are designed and manufactured in France. They combine traditional craft techniques with modern innovations. We meticulously craft every detail to offer an exceptional gaming experience, while reflecting the prestige of “Made in France”.

Flippers d’Exception Made in France: Out-of-Pair technicality for local production.

  • Design: It all starts with the design of the pinball machine. Design teams work on the game’s theme, specific features, board layout, mechanics, and the creation of graphic and sound elements.
  • Planning: Once the design is complete, we draw up a detailed production plan, specifying each component, the materials required and the production stages.n.
  • Game board manufacture: We manufacture the game board from top-quality premium wood. It receives printed decorations and multiple layers of protective varnish.
  • Electronics assembly: We assemble and integrate electronic components such as displays, sensors, printed circuit boards and control devices into the pinball cabinet.
  • Mechanical assembly: We assemble and install mechanisms such as pinball machines, bumpers, targets and ball launchers.
  • Wiring: We wire and connect the electronic components to ensure communication and proper pinball operation.
  • Final assembly: We assemble the game board, electronics and mechanical components to form the complete pinball machine.
  • Testing: The pinball machine is put through its paces on the test bench to ensure that all components are working properly. This includes play tests, electrical tests, mechanical tests, etc.
  • Shipping: Finally, we pack the pinball machine. Now he’s ready for the expedition!

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