Collectors of art and rare objects are increasingly attracted to pinball machines.

More than just an arcade game, these magnificent machines are sought-after by collectors for their elegance and aesthetic appeal.

They can feature artistic illustrations, high-quality finishes and attention to detail that would catch the eye of an art collector.

History and heritage: Pinball machines have a rich history and have been part of popular culture for decades. Owning a pinball machine can be seen as a way of preserving and appreciating a part of the history of entertainment and technology.

Rarity and exclusivity: Some luxury pinball models may be rare or have been produced in limited editions, making them all the more valuable to collectors.

Elegant, refined design that arouses curiosity and blends perfectly with the exceptional decor of collectors.

A quality investment for collectors

Each luxury pinball machine is the fruit of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. With their refined finishes and high-quality materials, these pinball machines represent pure elegance and refinement.

As a collector’s item, luxury pinball machines can also be a wise investment. Its rarity, exceptional design and history make it a coveted object that can increase in value over time.

Hexa Pinball’s Space Hunt pinball machine meets the expectations of the most demanding collectors.

Space Hunt Elégance

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Space Hunt Classic

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